Do You Love or Hate Valentine's Day?

Do You Love or Hate Valentine's Day?

February 12, 2021
Welcome to the Weekly SUMmary - 02/12/2021

What's your answer? Do you love or hate Valentine's Day? My kid, pouting because his brother had a Valentine party before his "class" (COVID has changed "class") was able to, so we (his mother and I) were informed that no holidays are good for him.

I remember the giddy feelings of Valentine's Day when I was in school, sitting across an open classroom in my attached chair desk and hoping that someone special would react to my card. Chasing girls across the playground or teasing them (because that is clearly the way to their heart.) I wonder what it's like now. Little Billy sits across the playground "liking" Suzie's post on social media? Side chatting on a virtual classroom? Gone are the days of hair pulling and spitballs. And then, what about when I could actually get a date? Flowers, dinner, movie. How does that work this year? Does a guy have flowers and a meal sent over and create a virtual dinner and maybe a "Watch Party" on our favorite streaming service? How times have changed.

I would honestly be surprised if my wife and I didn't spend this Valentine's in the hospital with our soon to be/newborn third child, anxiously trying to agree on a name knowing we've exhausted our current favorites (three way tie soon).

Now, our "sexy talk" revolves more around budgets, how to pay down debt faster, what's the best way to put as much away as possible pre and post tax (save taxes now and later), what kind of insurance coverage we have (should we increase with a third kid?), updating beneficiaries, etc.

As planners (wife possibly more of a planner than I) we are even trying to figure out what's best for our parents and how to get everything coordinated ahead of any need.

Wow... that's exciting stuff around Valentine's Day!

Whatever your Valentine's Weekend looks like, I hope you get the time to spend it with someone you love (virtually or in person). Send someone a message, tell someone how much they mean to you. You'll make their day and that will make your day.

Happy Valentine's Day!