Reddit, Gamestop, Market Volatility!

Reddit, Gamestop, Market Volatility!

January 29, 2021
Welcome to the Weekly SUMmary - 01/29/2021

Wow... many of you are probably thinking, "How can one stock increase so dramatically when most major indices lost over 2% in one day?"

That was Wednesday.

Then, Thursday, two of the three major US indexes were up just under 1%, for the day.

Unfortunately, markets have a tendency to be volatile. There has been a lot of information in the news of late. Information is becoming more and more accessible, from many platforms. This week, the new President has implemented some changes and there is a lot of speculation about future changes, everything from preventative measures related to COVID to future regulations that could affect many major industries. Also, investing has become more accessible to laymen investors. Popular content sharing sites, such as Reddit, have made it easy for misinformation to be spread and have been examples of reasons as to why certain companies have seen more investment activity of late. A problem with getting information from the media or content sharing sites is that it is hard to sift through the messages and understand what is fact or fiction. This is why we need a plan for our investments.

Those of you that have had the conversation with me understand that I am not a day trader. I do not like to speculate on investments. One of the reasons I entered this industry is to put processes in place for investments. Not just mine, but for my clients. The reason being... it's hard not to be emotional when watching hard earned dollars rise and fall with the markets. See the attachments in this blog for excerpts from my presentation Wednesday evening. There is also an upcoming webinar relating to volatility, Feb 24, 5-6PM MST (Click here to register.) The MFS slide (MFS Investor Underperformance) in this blog is another example of how investors have performed and will be used in the presentation. Lastly, there is a one page document from Fidelity relating to missing days in the market.

I encourage everyone to become informed about their investments and make educated decisions. I am constantly researching unbiased content and would be happy to share thoughts on the investment process. As a former educator, I enjoy the conversation and assisting where I can. Please also always feel free to sign up for a future event at this link:

As for this year and the future, stay buckled in, bumpy roads are almost as certain as change.

The information provided, including references to individual companies are for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a recommendation of any kind or investment advice.

Indexes are unmanaged and you cannot directly invest into an index. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. 

Please do not take any reference as blame on any specific entity. Investors are responsible for their actions, not those of content providers.